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Wednesday, Sep 27
10:00am — 12:00pm
McNichols Building
110 attending

Design Sprint: Public Art

This experience will engage participants in a condensed Google Design Sprint. As a participant, you will help design new and real web app whose purpose is to increase awareness and interest in public art around Denver. Product Hunt for Public Art? Maybe. Gamified Scavenger Hunt? That would be cool. PokemonGo for Denver's Art? Gotta catch em all!

Working in small teams you will go through select activities from the first three days of the design sprint, ultimately your team will create a paper prototype of this app. Remember the typical design sprint takes 5 days and we are doing it in two hours! Kind of... On Thursday, Clique will take all of your sketches and consildate them into one clickable protype. On Friday, the sprint will be completed with some user testing and validation. From there, Clique will fully build out the app for free public use in collaboration with Denver Arts & Venues.

Coffee and donuts provided.