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Friday, Sep 29
12:00pm — 1:30pm
Location TBA
144 attending

Design Collaboration at Scale

Collaboration is an essential ingredient to the design process, yet as many startups scale up or enterprises look to build out design processes the kind of natural and organic collaboration most designers rely on becomes impossible.

How does design work in large organizations? Can it actually scale? Should design stay with separate boutique agencies, can it thrive inside of a huge company, or should you keep your entire company purposefully small to make collaboration most efficient?

In this panel we'll talk about these issues and hear from designers at a variety of companies about how they make it work.

Panelists are:
Kris Niles, Product Manager / UX Designer at Basecamp
Stephen Olmstead, VP of Design Partnerships at InVision
Matt Grajcar, ‎Interaction Designer at Google
Lori Kirkland, VP of Strategy & Innovation, Customer Experience at Quisitive
Beth Koloski, Lead UX Design Instructor, General Assembly

Moderated by: RJ Owen, Director of UX, Universal Mind / Host of CreativeMornings Denver