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Wednesday, Sep 27
1:00pm — 2:30pm
Walnut Room
369 attending

Creating Impactful Impressions: The Power of Event Marketing through Sponsorships and Activations

Denver is a mecca for events, music, art and the creative communities that many of us have worked hard to build. Take part in a long overdue discussion surrounding events, sponsorships and creative activations. We will explore different components catering to the real costs of activations, beginning steps, how to target and find sponsors, why building relationships is so important and much more.

Join an interactive panel discussion with some of Denver’s cultivated event, sponsorship and activation professionals that will guide you through the beautiful but intimidating process of everything that is a creative event, sponsorship or activation.

/// Sara Lieser, of Dreamhack
/// Liberti Kimball of DenverBrandWorks
/// Nikki Haddad, Co-Founder of Eclectic Activation

/// David Moke, of Communitas Consulting

What will be covered:
// What is experiential marketing and why is it important?
// The 360 Marketing Approach and blending traditional marketing with activations
// The real cost of activation- sponsorship fees, staffing, infrastructure
// Reaching the right audience determining the right places to activate
// Finding the right venue - size, location, feel of venue and more
// How to target and find sponsors that align with your concept
// Strategic Partnerships-Why building and maintaining relationships is so important


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