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Thursday, Sep 28
8:00am — 9:30am
96 attending

Deep Diving into Microcontrollers: ARM Processor Development

Are you pondering the integration of a microcontroller into your product? Intimidates/struggling to do so? Join us for a conversation that addresses how to architect a successful embedded systems project, how and why to module your code, end of line programming test fixtures, and more! We’ll provide the experts, you provide your deepest, darkest, scariest microcontroller questions and horror stories!

Learn about:
The evolution on microcontrollers
The state of the industry (cost, availability, advantages, limitations, new emerging tech)
What’s coming next (next generation HW)
Design techniques and process for uc selections and Electromechanical integration
Programming methodologies, testing methodologies, risks and benefits
Available code basis and best practices methodologies

Enterprise Coworking University Classroom

3000 Lawrence Street

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