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Wednesday, Sep 27
2:00pm — 3:30pm
The Garage
157 attending

Did the Jetsons Lie to Us?

The smart home has long been seen as a foregone conclusion, but how smart are today’s homes and do they truly add value? Smart home devices should make homeowners' lives easier and more automated, be straightforward to use and easy to integrate. In an era of Tweeting refrigerators, what do consumers actually need, and how does the smart home grow beyond first movers? This panel will have a candid discussion on the intelligence of the smart home in understanding our needs, whether it adds convenience to homeowners and if the future of the home will be that of the Jetsons or the Flintstones.

Chris Black, COO of Tendril
Brett Jurgens, CEO of Notion
Chris Klein, Co-founder of Rachio
Harry Pascarella, analyst at Harbor Research (moderator)