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Tuesday, Sep 26
2:00pm — 4:00pm
Spaces - Denver Ballpark
155 attending

Hardware is Hard

In today's market, we know that a lot of engineering startups are software-based. From the SAAS and SAAP to the hardware-agnostic and the cloud, it seems like hardware ideas might be taking a back seat. Are there really so few hardware ideas out there? Is it that investors are no longer interested or does developing a hardware product just bring on so many additional challenges that startups aren't willing to go there?

Cardinal Peak hardware engineers discuss some of the most prevalent issues in creating hardware in today's market. The main focus for this talk will lead times, total cost of ownership and component quality. We will also talk about what battery is right for your product and how to make sure your end consumers don't have an explosive experience.

What is merely functional and what can be built to sell? Cardinal Peak will answer this question and many more.

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Spaces - Denver Ballpark ( 2301 Blake St, 100)