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Wednesday, Sep 27
10:00am — 11:30am
CSU - Denver
254 attending

People, People, People. How Much Do You Really Know About People?

The most critical component of any start-up is people. The level of your knowledge, risk-tolerance, and skills of people will determine the success of your Start-up. All start-ups struggle with the lack of resources. Along with funding, human capital is critical to all start-ups.

Whether it is customers, investors, employees, partners, or vendors, it truly takes a village of people to ensure the success of a start-up. As an entrepreneur, how can you master the people skills to ensure you attract the right employees and customers based on who they are and not just on what they do. This program offers insights from entrepreneur, owner, and HR professional’s perspectives on finding and keeping good people.

Moderator: Jung Park: www.jungpark.me

• Kathleen Brenk - HR Strategist, CareerWise Colorado: www.careerwisecolorado.org
• Jeff Calderone - CEO, Elevated Third: www.elevatedthird.com
• Dave Needham - Co-Founder/CEO, Ohos: www.myohos.com

Hosted by: Jung Park