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Thursday, Sep 28
10:00am — 11:30am
Location TBA
310 attending

Creating a Culture of Inclusion & Innovation

A lot of startups are founded based on the belief that their culture will develop organically in the early stages. However, it’s crucial to be purposeful and intentional from day 1, do not leave it to chance. It’s hard to create an enviable culture, but it’s even harder to change it once it has developed. So many companies try to reverse-engineer diversity and inclusion at a later stage as they recognize the data supporting its effect on innovation and revenue are very real. They scramble to innovate and pivot. A defined culture is the foundation of a sustainable, successful, and innovative business. #diversityinnovates

Purpose-driven brands involve both employees and customers in the establishment and evolution of their culture. Learn from small and large brands we have worked on and built. Walk away with a usable architecture for how to build a strong, unique, and innovative culture so it becomes your competitive advantage.

Rachael Shayne:
Rachael Shayne (Donaldson) is a Brand, Marketing, and Culture executive who helps companies drive innovation and growth. She leverages her background running startups, building brands and culture with diverse teams for global companies, and driving innovation at advertising agencies to deliver business growth from a CX perspective.

Most recently, as the CEO of an early-stage marketplace startup, she engineered a strategic acquisition. She has also served as the VP, Global Head of Marketing, Brand, and Culture at Zayo Group where she oversaw the company’s marketing, culture strategy, people operations, and public relations. Throughout her career, she has helped guide some of the world’s leading brands, including Procter & Gamble, Nestlé, Alibaba.com, The North Face, TapInfluence, Colorado Tourism and more. 

She is a mentor at Blackstone Entrepreneur’s Network and Greenhouse Scholars, an Advisor for The Spiga Group (a blockchain startup), a member of the University of Colorado Women’s Council in addition to serving on the Board of CU’s Leeds School of Business. 

Koert Bakker
Koert Bakker is a leader in co-creation, providing brands with the knowledge, inspiration, and confidence to be bold in an uncertain world. He believes that collaboration is the fastest way to progress. He has spent his career helping brands successfully navigate the intersection between commerce and creative culture, allowing brands to better engage and connect with their audience from a contemporary cultural perspective. His key skills are market research, insights & innovation, product & service development, workshop facilitation, brand & messaging strategy and community engagement.

Hosted by: Koert Bakker | Rachael Shayne