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Wednesday, Sep 27
2:00pm — 3:30pm
WeWork The Lab
158 attending

Unconscious Bias & Diversity Workshop

Social science research has shown that despite our beliefs that we are bias-free and open-minded, we all harbor unconscious bias that guides our behaviors in ways often contrary to our stated beliefs. In this interactive workshop, we’ll learn how unconscious biases operate, how they originated, and what we can do to move from awareness to action in overcoming our biases.

Workshop lead by Karen Fleshman:

Karen Fleshman, Esq. helps people and companies understand how conscious and unconscious biases work and develop an inclusive culture where all viewpoints are welcomed and valued. She speaks, writes, and offers training and coaching.

Karen dedicates much of her time to police accountability activism as a cofounder of San Franciscans for Police Accountability. She serves on the workgroup overseeing the implementation of the US Department of Justice recommendations for ending bias at the San Francisco Police Department.