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Wednesday, Sep 14
8:00am — 9:30am
165 attending

1 Million Cups

Join us to hear about the challenges and successes of three Colorado small businesses who are manufacturing products here and abroad. Each company will present their business for 6 minutes and then we'll jump into a Q&A and feedback session for 20 minutes each. We'll explore the ins and outs of running a business focused on physical products and manufacturing. Active audience participation is strongly encouraged.

Our presenters are:

Vortic Watch Co: They make innovative, luxury wristwatches in Fort Collins, CO. The company's first product, the American Artisan Series, preserves vintage, American made pocket watch movements inside beautiful and functional custom wristwatches.

Pruiba: They exist to help struggling families and communities thrive, specifically in the Philippine Islands. All of our products are upcycled and handmade in the Philippines under ethical conditions. The products are sold in the USA, and 10% of each sale will go toward long term community development.

Clear Intentions: A Colorado based business that diverts glass from landfills and processes it into a high-quality crushed glass called cullet, which is used in the manufacturing of new glass bottles, terrazzo, and fiberglass insulation. Clear Intentions helps reduce landfill waste, reduce manufacturing emissions, and brings communities together around glass recycling through cause-branding efforts.

Location TBA

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