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Monday, Sep 12
10:00am — 11:30am
WeWork Triangle Building
148 attending

Bridging the Gap: Taking Connected Devices from MVP to Production

Agile methods are hugely successful for building software and are being used to develop hardware. But what happens when you need to move beyond 3D printing and Arduino? How do you make smart choices for the future while maintaining your agility? This panel will feature product development veterans from local companies that have successfully jumped this gap when building their IoT products. Learn how to minimize risk, navigate regulatory issues efficiently, how to think about partnerships and the importance of testing. This panel is for those who interested in what it takes to go from MVP to mass production. This event will feature panelists from Colorado based companies Syncroness, Notion, Parkifi, Zebulon Solutions and more.

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WeWork Triangle Building (1550 Wewatta St., Floor 2)