2016 Schedule

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Tuesday, Sep 13
8:00am — 9:30am
Location TBA
112 attending

TechrIoT meets ADvocate: a crossover panel between IoT and adtech

The crossover panel between TechrIoT and ADvocate will be the most exciting conversation of the summer. Innovation Pavilion is bringing its two successful startup community together as well as the leaders from both IoT and adtech industry to exchange their insight and expertise in terms of how to collaborate and create new cross industry opportunity. TechrIoT is the national leader on IoT, in collaboration with Arrow Electronics and Denver South EDP, and ADvocate is the adtech community, supported by The Trade Desk and Epiphany Ai. Both communities have been huge successes respectively in their industry but there has never been an in-depth cross industry discussion to explore the possibilities jointly with these two industries. As Innovation Pavilion actively tries to identify and foster niche entrepreneurial communities and promote corporate and startup collaborations, a joint conversation between the two communities will take us to another level of excellence.