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Wednesday, Sep 14
12:00pm — 1:30pm
147 attending

Is The Hardware Revolution Real?

What can you do with a 3D printer, open source hardware, mini robots, synthetic shark skin and vibration transducers?? Build mini robotic shark terminators with lasers.....for fun and profit. These are exciting times! There are more tools available then any time in history, to create awesome devices and companies. Come find out and learn about companies that design, develop and make interesting hardware in Colorado. Perhaps you will be inspired to do something like Phase 1: annoy kitties with a blender defender...........Phase 3......Profit.
What will you take away from this panel discussion:

  • How They Got Started
  • How Their Culture Works
  • How They Innovate
  • Is The Hardware Revolution Real?

SparkFun (Open Source Hardware): CEO Nathan Seidle
Aleph Objects (LulzBot 3D Printer): VP Marketing Harris Kenny
Modular Robotics (MOSS and Cubelets Robot Toys): CEO Eric Schweikardt
Sharklet Technolgies (Anti-Bacterial Synthetic Shark Skin): CEO Mark Spiecker
SoundKinetics Labs (Acoustic and Vibration Transducers): CEO Doug Greenlee
Moderator: Dave Bacon CEO BW Bacon

Location TBA

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