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Friday, Sep 16
12:00pm — 1:30pm
Moye White
334 attending

Innovation + Impact 101: How Your Business Can be a Force for Good - and Win!

You want to build a successful business AND change the world. You know in your gut that it’s possible, but where on earth do you start? Is it possible to raise capital and scale as a mission-driven company? Join this session to learn how impact-driven companies are winning in the marketplace. Hear from values-based leaders how a focus on using business as a force for good has put innovation at their core and set them apart in the marketplace. Hear from one of the world’s leading tech investors why VC’s love B Corps. And get the legal lowdown on how to structure your company so you can maintain mission as you scale.

This session is capitalizing on the recent announcement of Foundry Group, Colorado Impact Fund and Greenmont Capital all certifying as B Corporations. This an important moment in time for the startup community to recognize business leaders AND VC investors see the B Corp and Benefit Corp structures as the way of the future and great investments.

Seth Levine, Managing Director, Foundry Group (Certified B Corp)
Kyle Garner, CEO, Organic India (Certified B Corp)
Trish Rogers, Partner, Moye White (Certified B Corp)
Beth Prendergast, Founder and Principal Attorney, E.A. Prendergast, P.C.

Kim Coupounas, B Lab Colorado