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Wednesday, Sep 14
9:00am — 11:00am
Spotlight Track- Commons on Champa
80 attending

A Primer on Public-Private Partnerships(P3s) for Designers

Brought to you by the Denver Office of Economic Development, National Western Center, US-Brazil Connect, UK Government Office, Consulate-General of Canada in Denver…

Infrastructure plays a vital role in the economic and social development of all countries. Adequate investment in the sector is needed to enhance the availability of goods and services, contribute to human capital, and improve quality of life. Public-Private Partnerships (P3s) are all the rage when it comes to designing, building, managing and maintaining infrastructure projects. The US is only now beginning to catch up to this trend.

In Denver, P3 projects include Denver Union Station, the Eagle P3 transportation project, and the recently completed US 34 Denver to Boulder toll segment. In addition, the proposed National Wester Center redevelopment will involve P3s. We believe that designers of any size can benefit from learning about the P3 process and how to tap into this lucrative design-build market. In this session, we are partnering with international P3 experts from the UK, Canada, and Brazil, to present a panel of experts on anything related to P3—from crafting a project vision, to bidding, financing, contracting, partnering, and managing and maintaining projects.

Designers, Builders, Innovators, Entrepreneurs, join us for a panel discussion on what’s all the rage about Public-Private Partnerships on a local and international scale. What are they? Who is involved? How do you get a piece of the action? Examples in Denver, etc.

The speakers will be:
· Kelly Leid, Executive Director, National Western Center
· Erin Kuhn, UK Consul
· Matt Girard, Chief Operating Officer, Plenary Concessions
· Mary Gershwin, President, US-Brazil Connect
· Francisco Gadelha, President, Federation of Industry of Paraiba, Brazil

Hosted by: The Denver Office of Economic Development