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Thursday, Sep 15
10:00am — 11:30am
Jake Jabs Center at CU Denver
196 attending

Creating a Smart City - Not a Task for a Single Startup

TechCrunch said in a recent article about IoT, "Imagine trying to build the Internet again - it’s like that, but at a bigger scale." A new wave of technological integration is coming, and a driving topic in this movement is the smart city - the concept of digitally connecting an urban environment, getting down to the very nuts, bolts, and pavement. What will it take to get there?

The past several decades have seen unbelievable advances in technology from the world of entrepreneurs, but creating a smart city is not a task that can be accomplished by a single startup - it will take an entire community. This discussion will delve into the considerable infrastructure and communication challenges that it will take to make this happen. The Innovation Pavilion, a long-time symbol for involving the entire community, will host a panel of entrepreneurs, corporate players, and government representatives to discuss these challenges, as well as the substantial opportunities that will come with such a success.

Pitch to Review Committee: The Innovation Pavilion is the major source for entrepreneurial happenings in Denver South, and we believe Denver has the resources, spirit, and collaborative attitude to become THE example for what a smart city should be. The discussion will provide one of a kind insight in how to utilize both the public and private sector to build a smart city.

Vic Ahmed- Founder and CEO, Innovation Pavilion
Ryan Mulligan- Urban Planner II, Jacobs Engineering
Melanie Morgan- Data Analyst, City of Centennial Innovation Team
Cindy Patton- Parking and Planning Manager, Transportation and Mobility, Denver Public Works
Jerry Jaramillo - Managing Principal, JA Group LLC; Consultant, Integrated Roadways