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Wednesday, Sep 14
4:00pm — 5:30pm
78 attending

Challenges of Getting an IoT Product Market

There are many challenges to early stage IoT and Maker businesses, that are primed to solve mass market and niche needs to varying consumer and business addressable markets. Three areas that have been noted in many customer surveys are funding, design and manufacturing, and selling and marketing products. This panel will address a 9 step approach on trends and ideas to think about as the early stage entrepreneurs and designers are conceptually thinking about what challenges and markets their product will service. Attendees will walk away with concepts and approaches to accelerating their time to market, more engaging ways to appeal to local and global technology partners and finally technology, standards and emerging trends that are emerging in the world of connected devices. If you are an early stage company looking to have some of your challenges answered by a panel of experts from technology partners and customers that have learned from some of their own challenges this is the Denver Start-up Week for you to make some new relationships and streamline your concepts to a revenue generating business!

Rick Lisa – Intel
Eric Leahy – Avnet IoT Apps Engineer
Steve Maltrud – Avnet Embedded and IoT Apps Engineer

Location TBA

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