2016 Schedule

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Monday, Sep 12
4:00pm — 5:30pm
Colorado Lending Source
130 attending

Building your Business with an Advanced Manufacturer

So you’ve got the idea, maybe you’ve even built the design, the prototype, and a small business with it. How do you take that gem and move it closer to your vision of what it really could be?

This session is a case study and open Q&A with a product manufacturing company that has been in that exact spot. We will discuss the relationship between a startup and the advanced manufacturers that startup has worked with while also focusing on business philosophy, vendors, office space, raising capital, and even the culture of brand.

Walk away with a narrative of the growing pains of a business, and the strength Colorado has through innovation and collaboration.

Speaker: Uriah Bueller, Founder and CEO, Parasoleil

About Uriah:
Uriah Bueller is the founder and CEO of Parasoleil, a Colorado manufacturer of architectural decorative screens and light-filtering shade panels. Parasoleil is a fast-growing company represented by over 50 independent sales reps and distributors across the country focusing on large-scale commercial projects with a client list that includes Disney, Starbucks, Marriott, and Avalon Developers.

Bueller originally developed the unique product that would become the foundation for this business in his home sculpture studio in 2002. In early 2006, he released the line of products in Colorado, where it won best innovative product showcase, followed by a national release in San Francisco and international awards for product design. Parasoleil is known for leading the industry in structural patterns and lasting, artistic finishes for diverse architectural applications.