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Tuesday, Sep 13
4:00pm — 5:30pm
Merchants Office Furniture
216 attending

Startup to Small Batch – How Craftsmen Become Manufacturers

Craftsmen and artisans alike have all struggled with the same challenge, how to transition an idea from a hand drawing or homemade prototype to a commercial product. Over the past decade, many entrepreneurs have partnered with local manufacturing resources to pioneer the “Made in Colorado” industry. This discussion explores the homemade to small batch continuum and how startup brands have been able to scale their businesses leveraging local resources. The panel includes experts from a variety of industries including food and beverage, fashion, smart technology and furniture. The panel will be co-moderated by Bart Taylor the founder of CompanyWeek, the Voice of Rocky Mountain Makers & Manufacturers and Brooke Wolf, Principal and Chief Merchandiser of Merchants Office Furniture.

Panelists include…

  • Chris Klein of Rachio (CEO)
  • Corbin Clay of Azure Furniture (Craftsman in Chief)
  • John Paul Maxfield of Waste Farmers (Founder, President and Idealistic Capitalist)
  • Mark Hansen of Topo Designs (Owner and CEO)
  • Tanya Fleisher of Winter Session (Owner and Designer)
  • Tommy Thwaites of Coda Coffee (Owner)
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Merchants Office Furniture (2261 Broadway St)