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Monday, Sep 12
10:00am — 11:30am
Vonmod + Von Design & The Maker Lab
151 attending

The shift from mass production to mass customization

See and better understand how automated manufacturing technology combined with a focus on cutting edge design is shaping the environments of the future. The shift from mass production to mass customization is underway, allowing for opportunities never previously imagined. From the flat table CNC router to the laser engraver and other novel tools and software, come see how this innovate design-manufacture firm is redefining how things get made locally in Denver. Product offerings include CASE (cabinets and kitchens), MODERN (freestanding furniture), TEXTURE (wall paneling installations) and POD (prefabricated modular structures).

● See the latest cutting-edge CNC technology in its native environment: a bustling fabrication workshop.
● Learn about Vonmod Ltd. and the Maker Lab, a collaboration of designers, creatives, architects, and visionaries focused on strengthening the local Denver community.
● Connect with other design professionals and enthusiasts in a casual, educational environment.