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Thursday, Oct 1
12:00pm — 1:30pm
CSU - Denver
164 attending

What’s an Accessible App, and Why Does it Matter?

In the U.S. alone, nearly 6.7 million people 16 and older are visually impaired — meaning, even with corrective lenses, they must use alternative methods to engage in activities that people with vision can do. Developing apps that are accessible means making it possible for those millions of blind and visually impaired people to do things like manage their health with iTriage and track sales leads via Salesforce the way sighted people do. In this session, Denver-based experts Patrick Leonard, CTO of iTriage/Aetna Digital Products, and Mike Hess, Blind Institute of Technology founder and executive director, will do a little show-and-tell on what goes into developing apps that are accessible for the blind and visually impaired based on real apps that are in development. They’ll also discuss the challenges they must overcome as a development team, and why making your apps accessible is a win for you as well as your users.