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Tuesday, Sep 29
12:00pm — 1:30pm
212 attending

Believing Cassandra: Our Big-Data Journey to Enlightenment

It turns out that much can be learned about a high-performance, highly-scalable, highly-touted database solution in a year’s time, given a high enough pain tolerance on the part of an organization’s founders. Join us as we at Timeli.io step you through exactly what happened when we walked into an in-production time series implementation that somehow could not return data in a time series format to its existing customers. We will discuss how we then re-worked that same implementation to be fully functional, and how we started on the road to finding the keys to Cassandra’s legendary performance capabilities in a batched cloud environment. The path for this journey left no block unstumbled, so if your organization still has toes that are left unbruised this talk could well save you pain.

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