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Volunteering For Denver Startup Week

We could not make Denver Startup Week happen without our volunteers! Denver Startup Week is an event FOR the community run BY the community. If you are interested in volunteering your time for DSW 2020, read on to get a further understanding of what is expected this year as we go 100% virtual!

Each session will be coordinated by the prospective Track Chair, a Session Organizer, and a Volunteer. In order to understand what volunteering this year will look like, take a look at the information below on each of those roles. You will want to pay specific attention to the volunteer’s role, but it might be helpful for you to know how the roles will work together.

Fill out this form if you are interested in becoming a volunteer! 


Volunteers make up the vast majority of the Denver Startup Week organization and serve as the backbone of the event. From the Organizing Committee to our session attendants, Denver Startup Week would not be possible without the help and support of the entire community.

Role of the Volunteers During DSW:

• Assisting Track Chair and Session Organizer

• Communicating with the Track Chair and Session Organizer beforehand

• Ensuring the audience is adhering to the Code of Conduct during sessions

• Managing slides

• Muting/unmuting participants

• Coordinating with Track Chair and Session Organizer for any other session logistics

Denver Startup Week Track Chairs

Denver Startup Week is produced by a dedicated volunteer coalition comprised of civic leaders, entrepreneurs, and community organizers that makes up our Organizing Committee. Staff from the Downtown Denver Partnership provide additional structure and support.

• Product - Ryan Margoles & Kylie (Borgias) Kloeckner

• People - Ashlee Cloud

• Maker - Michael Ostrow

• Growth - Jake Cohen

• Founder - Olivia Omega

• Developer - Conor Swanson

• Designer - Castle Searcy & Brian Corrigan

• Diversity Equity Inclusion – Dianne Myles

Role of the Track Chairs During DSW:

• Overall session management

• Logistics

• Content additions

• Speaker communication

Session Organizer

The community plays a critical role in creating the event’s programming. Each spring, the community is asked to submit session ideas that they would like to put on during Denver Startup Week. People who submit sessions that are accepted to the schedule will work with the Track Chair and the volunteer to execute a successful session!

Role of the Session Organizers During DSW:

• Speaker communication

• Leads the actual session

• Must attend rehearsal

We are looking for Volunteers for this year’s event. Click here to sign up to volunteer! If you have any questions, please reach out to info@denverstartupweek.org.

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