2023 Schedule

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Tuesday, Sep 19
11:00am — 12:00pm
Designer Track Venue: Greenspoon Marder
115 attending

Optimizing Cities, Systems, and Services the Case for Transition Design

In this session, Rick Griffith presents three transition design case studies to illustrate how transition design mechanics would improve the way cities connect various challenges to solutions. How can we use who we already are as a way of focusing on equitable solutions for so-called 'wicked problems'?

This session is an introduction to transition design as it might be understood from a user-centered design thinking method.

Rick Griffith is a designer and artist living in Denver CO. He runs MATTER (design studio). He has been a juror for the Smithsonian National Design Awards and 2-time Programming chair for the AIGA National Design Conference. He speaks around the world on design and typography and co-owns a design and social justice bookstore (the shop at MATTER) in Denver, CO.