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Tuesday, Sep 19
9:30am — 10:30am
Spotlight Track- Commons on Champa
87 attending

Generation Alpha: The Next Generation of Impact Entrepreneurs

Governor Polis will commence the event with opening remarks, introducing a remarkable group of young entrepreneurs who are returning for their fourth consecutive Denver Startup Week panel. Their journey began with virtual panel sessions during the pandemic, and since then, they have made substantial strides in their knowledge and experience.

This panel will showcase these (more) seasoned young entrepreneurs as they engage in discussions about pressing social and environmental issues close to their hearts. These include topics such as job opportunities and integration for new migrants, climate change and education. Over the past year, they have actively pursued ambitious ideas and taken tangible steps to address these challenges.

What sets these individuals apart are their fresh, optimistic, and creative perspectives. More importantly, their values and principles guide their entrepreneurial endeavors. Their focus extends beyond mere financial exits and fleeting trends; they are dedicated to creating a lasting positive impact on the world.

We invite you to join this inspiring group, as young as 12 years old, to discover their unwavering commitment to making the world a better place for all generations.

Caliope Groman
Ronan Beale