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Tuesday, Sep 19
12:00pm — 1:00pm
Founder Track- Polsinelli
327 attending

Empower Entrepreneurs to Unlock Their Full Potential

This panel session is designed to provide valuable insights and feedback to companies seeking funding, featuring a diverse group of experienced investors. With a focus on driving innovation and uncovering untapped potential, this session aims to create a dynamic environment for entrepreneurs to engage with seasoned investors and receive valuable guidance. This panel session promises to be an engaging and educational experience for both entrepreneurs seeking funding and attendees interested in understanding the investor's perspective. By leveraging the expertise of diverse investors, the session aims to empower entrepreneurs to unlock their potential, drive innovation, and ultimately succeed in their funding endeavors.

We are selecting 3 entrepreneurs or business owners to pitch their business models and get feedback from our panelists. Please apply to pitch your business ideas: https://forms.gle/aGTxHmm3Nb3hPxoS8

Jessica Acosta: CEO & Founder of Environmental Consulting Services (ECS) & Edifice2120
Sergio Gutierrez -Executive Director at J.P. Morgan
Vanessa Huerta- gBETA Managing Director at gener8to
Graham Foreman-EDOVATE Capital Managing Director and Founder
Marie Peters- Fund Director @ B:Side Fund & B:Side Capital
Ethan Austin- Outside VC Founding Partner, Fintech Investor
Grace Oliva- Colorado Impact Fund - Partner
Dan Griner - Director of Smart Futures Lab, Design, Innovation, and Strategy at University of Colorado Denver
Rama- Advanced Industries Senior Manager at Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade
Jason Romero - Business Development Director at Innovest Portfolio Solutions