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Tuesday, Sep 19
10:30am — 11:30am
Growth Track- Expansive
250 attending

Delight your Customers: Building High-Level Customer Support

Good customer support is no longer sufficient in today's competitive business landscape. To truly stand out and create a lasting impact, organizations need to focus on building a high-level customer support team dedicated to delighting customers at every interaction. We will explore the key strategies and techniques required to elevate your customer support team to new heights, leaving your customers delighted and ultimately loyal.

  1. Understand your Customer: The foundation of exceptional experiences lies in understanding each customer's expectations. We will delve into methods for to gain insights into what truly delights the customers in your space. By aligning your support efforts with their needs, you can create personalized experiences that make them feel uniquely heard.

  2. Empower Your Support Team: Building a high-level customer support team requires a highly skilled and empowered team. We will discuss effective training approaches, ongoing development, and the importance of fostering a positive and empathetic company culture. Empowered support specialists are equipped with the knowledge and tools to provide holistic solutions, ultimately enhancing the customer experience.

  3. Implement Proactive Support: Don't wait for customers to reach out with issues, instead, anticipate their needs. We will explore self-help resources, knowledge bases, and automation that can save time and help your business scale.

  4. Creating an Effortless Experience: Most customers expect to be able to contact a business via phone, email, chat, text, or social media. We will walk through the importance of providing consistent support on multiple platforms without putting strain on your team.

Delighting your customers is an ongoing commitment which can pay huge dividends. You can build a high-level customer support department that far exceeds expectations, nurtures loyalty, and sets your company apart from the competition. Embrace the power of exceptional customer support and unlock the potential for scalable growth and success.

This session will be lead by Katie Walls - Head of Client Success at Spectora, and Lulu Brewer - Head of People at Spectora