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Wednesday, Sep 20
12:00pm — 1:00pm
Developer Track- Park Central
42 attending

Value Synthesis in a Fragmented Ecosystem

The DISH Wireless 5G cloud-native network is generating petabytes of data per day, from the edge to our national data centers. Traditional centralized data architectures cannot accommodate this amount of data as they struggle to scale and integrate data from diverse domains. DISH is taking an entirely new approach to data architecture. Our decentralized and scalable approach allows for companies to extract value from the vast amount of network data we’re generating. DISH Wireless data products are the solution to data discovery, integration, understanding and replicability.

At DISH Wireless, we have a team of scientific staff focused on data science, engineering and development work for our cloud-native developer ecosystem, to enable innovation like never before. In this session, a panel will demonstrate their solutions for disparate data sources in a data-driven world, to support companies in extracting value from network data. Our panelists are the following technical leaders of our scientific staff:

Collin Marsden - Senior data engineer architecting solutions for our data platform, which is cloud agnostic and centrally accessed.
Darshit Gandhi - Lead Data Analyst focusing on creating value out of data and creating hyper distributed data processes.
Praveen Mada - Staff AI/ML Engineer focused on architecting and developing cutting-edge AI/ML data products to build and monetize custom enterprise 5G networks.
Madhuri Muttreja - Enterprise data architect driving data platform architecture and strategy.

Collin, Darshit, Praveen and Madhuri all joined DISH Wireless because of the unique opportunity to pair their data background with an opportunity to build something new. They're at the vanguard of changing the way the world communicates.