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Thursday, Sep 21
9:00am — 10:00am
Developer Track- Park Central
86 attending

Pragmatic Growth, Through DevEx

When the world went remote after COVID, Ibotta's growing pains were exacerbated by ever more complex business needs, and shifting perspectives on employee needs and wants.

In recent years, the struggle to balance job satisfaction and growing demands for productivity has only intensified. This has led to Ibotta adopting a new strategy, turning its attention and investment towards the developer experience as a core element.

The developer experience encompasses everything about an engineer's job - from the tools and systems they work in day to day, to the people around them and the sense of connectedness they feel. Productivity and efficacy of an engineering organization is directly linked to the quality of this experience.

This experience however, is often at odds with maturing business needs like security, standardization, and compliance. Failing to manage the developer experience, while simultaneously introducing these needs can put significant strain on individuals and lead to attrition and gradual degradation of department quality.

While frameworks exist to highlight problem areas, Ibotta has learned to make progress through much more simple and pragmatic means.

This session will cover lessons learned from 1.5 years leading the developer experience at Ibotta, the progress Ibotta has made, and goals still on the horizon.

Meet Your Speaker - Minh Pham:
My name is Minh Pham, and I'm a Senior Software Engineering Manager leading the Developer Experience at Ibotta. I believe that in a world where remote work is now commonplace, organizations must provide compelling reasons for employees to stay with them. This doesn't just mean fancy perks - I believe this must include real compelling growth opportunities, development of values, and among other things, careful stewardship of the working environment. I also believe though, that this focus does not have to come at odds with a business' productivity - instead they are complimentary. Through exploring the Developer Experience space, I hope to one day encourage more organizations to invest similarly and create a new model of work that better suits the current and future generations of workers.