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Tuesday, Sep 19
4:00pm — 5:00pm
Spotlight Track- Commons on Champa
83 attending

Having a Healthy Relationship with Technology

Our lives have been reshaped by recent technological advances. Unfortunately, social media and other platforms have been built to be as addictive as possible to maximize the amount of time you spend on their applications. Now, the average American spends over 12 hours per day in front of screens. Our experiences with technology vary by generation, so this panel will include one business leader from each generation sharing their perspective about how technology has impacted their lives and what challenges we face today in achieving a healthy relationship with technology.

The panelists...

Joyce Feustel - Boomers Social Media Tutor
Michanda Lindsey - Presence and Transformation Leadership Coach
Ariel Naftali - Perform with Purpose Coaching
Maya Love - Mile High Analytics