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Monday, Sep 18
2:30pm — 3:30pm
Growth Track- Expansive
267 attending

Debt: finance alternatives in a brutal valuation market

Across multiple industry segments, venture valuations are compressed from seed rounds to Series C/growth rounds. Hear from debt funds and venture investors when debt might be the right tactic to extend your company's runway.

Heather LaFrenier, Managing Director/co-founder, Lago Innovation Fund [Chicago]
Charlie Kelly, Managing Director Stifel Bank (formerly with CIBC, Brex, and Silicon Valley Bank) [Denver]
Liz Kramer Myslik, Managing Partner, Loft Growth Partners [Denver]
Ron Singh, Managing Director, CIBC [Denver]
Jay Hirsh, Managing Partner, Break Trail Ventures [Boulder]
Kirsten Suddath, General Partner, Next Frontier Capital [Boulder]
Brian Parks, CEO & Co-Founder, Big Foot Capital [Denver]

Moderator: Ben Hadley, SVP Business Development, Auctane