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Monday, Sep 18
10:30am — 11:30am
Maker Track Venue - Denver Place Conference Room
56 attending

Get Hogged Up about your Local 100 year old Sausage Company

We want to educate other businesses on how the sausage is made from operations to logistics, to marketing, to working with family. This is the story of Polidori Sausage for almost 100 years and we want to show that it's possible to start from one recipe and grow into a national company.

Starting as a local company and making our way to becoming national, we want people to attend our panel or presentation to learn what it takes but also to see the love and passion we have for supporting businesses. We thrive to be large enough to handle but small enough to care.

Do you want to know more about Polidori? Check out the links below...

Reiser Video - https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=415111859711178

Production Appreciation Video - https://youtu.be/qlJneNJ7lRw

Polidori Sausage Rap Video - https://youtu.be/7wq7WCSie8A

Snooze Partnership Video - https://youtu.be/iXs72J5n8Dc