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Tuesday, Sep 19
1:30pm — 2:30pm
Growth Track- Expansive
294 attending

Your data is lying: Bringing context back to your Sales & Marketing Anayltics

Until Skynet takes over and the bots enslave us all in the Matrix, business is still done with people. Yet so many decisions are based on data that has little or no humanity to it, strictly looking at numbers and data of what people did, without asking WHY.  If you want a competitive advantage in the market, taking the time to truly understand customer’s viewpoints and interactions with the product or service you are marketing is crucial. Forget surveys, NPS, focus groups, and AI generated personas from vague demographics…it’s about actually knowing how to talk to people, to understand their journey, and gain the CONTEXT that is missing from all those data points. 

Think Qualitative Data isn’t important? Come hang out while we review a few Epic Fails of recent big brands who didn’t take the time to do a little bit of customer research, costing them MILLIONS of dollars in marketing campaigns that had to be pulled due to a lack of consumer understanding. If nothing else, you’ll enjoy some laughs and find a new perspective on connecting with your customers!