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Wednesday, Sep 21
3:45pm — 4:45pm
145 attending

Is the Future of Food in Colorado?

Colorado has been the birthplace of innovation in food for decades from natural products to fast casual and everything in between. Why has Colorado played an outsized role and is that going to continue? Is Colorado still a great place to start a food company?

Where are the biggest opportunities for innovation in food today? (manufacturing, go-to-market, technology, restaurant vs CPG, etc...)
Why is Colorado such a big spot for food innovation? Where can we do better?
If someone wants to build a food business in Colorado, what should they do to increase their chance of success?
Does food innovation mean always mean rapid, massive scaling? Is there a right balance?
Is our food innovation community inclusive enough? What can we do improve it?

Join a discussion led by Bill Capsalis, Naturally Boulder, with leaders in the segment on the venture and operations sides of the business including Liz Myslik, Loft Growth Partners; Chris Mears, Wild Clean; and Diane Mercer; Meati Foods.