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Monday, Sep 19
10:30am — 11:30am
Location TBA
8 attending

Bite by Byte: How to Build a Successful Food Startup

Building a business at the cross-section of culture, cuisine, and commerce is no easy feat. It takes true grit, focus, dedication, and above all, love and passion for feeding your community one plate at a time. The result for three of Denver’s successful ethnic food founders has transformed each of their establishments into cultural pillars in the communities they serve, and all without writing a line of code.

This panel session takes a deeper dive into each of their journeys from concept to kitchen to winning the hearts and stomachs of their loyal customers, and how they are thriving as businesses outside of Denver’s tech sector.

Panelists: Blaine Baggao - Adobo, Dana Rodriguez - Cantina Loca, Fathima Dickerson - Welton Street Cafe
Moderator: Marcus Jimenez

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