2022 Schedule

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Monday, Sep 19
2:00pm — 3:30pm
Growth Track Venue - 1550 Wynkoop
344 attending

Building a Sales Engine that Fuels Long-Lasting Growth

Startup sales makes for exciting, difficult, and usually unpredictable waters to navigate. Everyone from founders to technical resources are bound to face a host of challenges as your company gets its bearings. To help you get a better feel for how to approach the trials and tribulations that come with startup sales, we created this four-step workshop to create a framework for a sustainable sales engine.

This workshop will be structured as education and work time, so you will walk away with a plan and next steps. We will focus on:

Part 1: Creating an Overall Sales Strategy
Part 2: Sales Process & Workflow Tools
Part 3: Analytics & Reporting
Part 4: Accountability Model & Sales Organization

Kristina Conley
Grace Nowstrup
Kelly Garfield
Brian Lucyk