2014 Schedule

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Tuesday, Sep 16
1:00pm — 2:30pm
130 attending

DESIGN THINKING: Tapping group creativity to solve Real World problems

"Design Thinking" is a busy buzz word. In this interactive workshop, demystify the words by experiencing what it means to engage in Design Thinking in order solve a challenge being faced by a local non-profit. Attendees will learn (by doing!) a Design Thinking protocol while making a difference in the community by providing valuable input to Boys and Girls Club of Metro Denver. While we will be thinking creatively, no design experience is required and all interest areas are encouraged to attend. Facilitation by @SenorG and @Tara_Jahn.

Snacks and beverage provided. Please do not park in parking lot.

Hosted by: Tara Jahn, Colorado Education Initiative | Noah Geisel, AnEstuary | Convercent