2022 Schedule

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Tuesday, Sep 20
2:30pm — 4:00pm
Spotlight Track Venue - The Commons on Champa
115 attending

Colorado Latinos Lead: Latinos in Leadership roles NOW

We are going to have a panel lineup of top leaders in Colorado who lead corporate America and Nonprofit organizations. Our have the panelists tell us about themselves, how did they get to where they are now, and what tips or roadmaps would they give other Latino leaders trying to reach the high places they are now occupying? We would like to have a great Q&A opportunity and the idea is to have the audience leave the place encouraged, empowered, and with useful tips that will help them become successful on their climb to the top. This will absolutely include D&I questions, Racial concerns, imposter syndrome, culture, and other concerns that many have when trying to reach these positions.

Dalila Martinez, VP of Compliance Program at CoBank- Moderator


Katia Hoffer - SVP Enterprise Risk Management- CoBank
Roberto Montoya, PhD Chief Educational Equity Officer (C.E.E.O) at Colorado Department of Higher Education
Nancy Escorihuela, Customer Fulfillment Manager at Ball and Owner of YogaSix
Stephanie Vasquez, Talent Acquisition Manager at Breakthru Beverage
Alfredo Rodriguez Diaz-Marta, Vice President - Latino Center of Excellence at Dish
Joelle Martinez, President and CEO at Latino Leadership Institute

Nancy Servigna
Katia Hoffer
Joelle Martinez
Dalila Martinez