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Tuesday, Sep 20
4:00pm — 5:00pm
Product Track Venue - 1125 Seventeenth Street
329 attending

Colorado Product Keynote featuring Dan Olsen: Defining a Winning Product Strategy

For many product teams, Product Strategy can be a mysterious black box. Few companies have a clear, cohesive strategy for how their product will win in the market. In this talk, product expert Dan Olsen (https://dan-olsen.com) will use frameworks from his book The Lean Product Playbook to teach you a simple but effective approach to defining your product strategy. You will learn how to focus your strategy on customer needs instead of features, the Kano Model, and the Product Strategy Matrix. Dan will illustrate the concepts with real-world case studies.

Dan Olsen is a product management trainer, consultant, and speaker. Dan wrote the bestselling product management book The Lean Product Playbook (https://amzn.to/1EYCUdP). Through his talks and interactive training workshops, Dan helps companies build great products and strong product teams. He is also the founder of the 11,000-member Lean Product Meetup community.