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Wednesday, Sep 21
1:00pm — 2:00pm
Founder Track Venue - Denver Place
118 attending

Black Female Entreprenuers and The Villages They Can Create

In 2019, 8 African American female entrepreneurs including myself attended a cohort program. We have stayed committed to each other even after the program ended. We continue to be a source of inspiration for each other. We have been together through births and losses. We communicate weekly and sometimes daily through our text streams. We share business resources, we collaborate, we socialize outside of business, we get together at each other’s homes, at restaurants, concerts, skiing and events. We even babysit for each other. We have gone beyond building community, we have created our own village of strong, vulnerable black women. We are different, ages, with different life experiences, some have no children, some are still raising children. We are showing as black women we can get along, we can be supportive, we can see and want each of us to succeed. This is very important to all entrepreneurs but more importantly to black female entrepreneurs. We are all better business owners and women because of each other.

Our goal is to provide insight into our village, benefits and if and how this can be replicated.