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Monday, Sep 19
4:00pm — 5:00pm
Spotlight Track Venue - The Commons on Champa
167 attending

Eliminating the Black-White Wealth Gap in Denver

The persistent Black-white wealth gap is not an accident but rather the result of centuries of federal and state policies that have systematically facilitated the deprivation of Black Americans. The wealth gap between white and Black families with kids can be as large as 100 to 1, according to Gary Community Ventures, a Denver-based philanthropic organization that serves metro area families. Part of the Gary Community Ventures mission is increasing Black homeownership in the area through pay-it-forward loans. The Dearfield Fund for Black Wealth plans to give a thousand $40,000 loans to Black families over the next 10 years. The ability to secure loans is crucial as people attempt to buy instead of rent. And home ownership is an important tool in wealth accumulation and bridging the racial wealth gap, as home equity is one of the major ways families can build wealth when properties go up in value.