2022 Schedule

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Wednesday, Sep 21
10:00am — 11:00am
Spotlight Track Venue - The Commons on Champa
127 attending

Infusing Authentic Humanity into Your Growing Organization

Every product or service you offer must reflect the full diversity of your clients and the world. From ethical artificial intelligence to DEI training that doesn’t check boxes to the intersection of politics and religion …. Every facet of our humanity needs to be recognized in what your organization brings to the marketplace. The Iliff School’s Innovation Lab will host an engaging panel of influencers in higher ed, mental health, technology, and politics. People are looking for more ethical technology, more thoughtful technology: technology that considers the essence of what it means to be human in everyday life at home and at work. But what does that look like as you build your products? How do you know if your products respect diversity and treat your customers ethically? Our panelists will tell their stories and interact with the audience to share their startup stories that cross government, nonprofit, for-profit, politics, and education.

Panelist Organizations:
The Iliff School
WellPower (formerly Mental Health Centers of Denver)
Seekr Project
The Institute for Religion, Politics, and Culture
The Villanova School of Business
Denver Mayor’s Office of Social Equity and Innovation

Samantha Joo
Lex Dunbar