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Monday, Sep 19
12:00pm — 1:30pm
Spotlight Track Venue - The Commons on Champa
137 attending

Resilience Strategies from Immigrant Women Entrepreneurs

Being able to constantly adapt to challenging and uncertain situations became bluntly evident as a crucial skill (emotional, intellectual and financial) during the pandemic; but that’s not new; resilience and grit have always been required for entrepreneurs to thrive and much more so for women, people of color, and immigrants. According to the American Immigration Council, the United States has 44.5 million immigrants (53% are naturalized citizens) and 3.2 million immigrants in America are entrepreneurs generating $86.3 billion in business income. In this panel, six women entrepreneurs from Brazil, living throughout the US (Colorado, California, Utah and Massachusetts), come together to inspire, motivate and share practical insights of how to practice resilience in the face of fear, doubt and societal barriers. Their goal is also to debunk the myths and misconceptions about minorities and the amazing power and importance of diversity, community and of the sense of belonging and overcoming.

Ariane Barboza
Fernanda firman
Lidiane Mocko
Marta Spirk
Patty Guimaraes
Rafaela Garreta