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Tuesday, Sep 20
11:00am — 12:00pm
Maker Track Venue - Denver Place Conference Room
109 attending

Ops Systems: Not Sexy, but Success Critical

No manufacturing line can run without a place, people, or parts, but the infrastructure that holds these together is frequently overlooked or assumed to ‘build itself.’ Just as a product must be designed for a purpose, the operations infrastructure needs to be designed to keep the business from wasting precious financial resources. Our panel of manufacturing and operations experts will discuss what systems and processes need to be established to ensure the people have the right parts at the right place and in the right period.

Moderator: Jenney Loper, Director of Operations, Zebulon Solutions

Edward Able, CEO, 6D Laser

Toby Dallas, CEO, Parts Dashboard

Gina Lee De Freitas, President, IMM

Jenney has nearly 2 decades of manufacturing, supply chain, and operations experience. She has worked for several startup companies and established manufacturing and business processes. In her current role at Zebulon Solutions, she works with multiple startups every year and is an active member within the startup community.

Ed is CEO of 6D Laser, a femtosecond laser machine tool startup which recently won a 3 year multimillion dollar DOE applied research grant. 6D Laser has also received an advanced manufacturing grant through the State of Colorado's Office of Economic Development and International Trade (OEDIT). Ed is also an Entrepreneur-in- Residence for CU Boulder. Prior to 6D Laser, Ed had a 20+ year career as a lean startup and change management consultant. He's considered a lean startup aficionado.

Toby Dallas is a mechanical engineer who's spent two decades designing and manufacturing hardware products in industries from the construction industry to medical devices. More recently he founded and is CEO of Parts Dashboard, which is a software company making tools that help small design and manufacturing companies manage all their customer, design, configuration, and inventory data.

Gina is the President of IMM. Since joining IMM in 2007, Gina has worn many different hats within the agency and has deep knowledge and experience in the areas of media performance, technology and analytics. Her leadership in these disciplines is just a part of what makes IMM different. Her unlimited passion for building and growing teams makes her the perfect leader for a company in our ever-changing business landscape. And her constant drive to 'pick up a shovel' and dig deep on our brands' businesses is what makes her a trusted partner to every one of our clients.

For the session - Manufacturing Mentor Hours @4pm on Tues:

Electronic, PCBA, & Contract Manufacturing: QSC - Terri Mendez & Lisa Cordova

Metal Stamping, Fabrication, and Machining: Eccentroid - Edwin Penniman

Injection Molded Plastic & 3D printing: iFuzion - Jeffrey Jabukowski

Mechanical Design & Engineering: Zebulon Solutions - Joe Steinman

Printing & Shipping: Ship Sunshine - Anna Costello

Manufacturing Process & Supply Chain: Zebulon Solutions - Jenney Loper