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Wednesday, Sep 21
3:00pm — 4:30pm
Designer Track Venue - 1245 Champa Studio at the Commons
186 attending

The Intersection of Art and Self

In a world filled with homogenous people, products, institutions, & entities, where does one draw the line between conformity & creation? Acceptance & rebelliousness. Expression & suppression. As it turns out, this thing we call “art” may in fact hold the answers. The Intersectionality of Art and Self, featuring panelists James Garofalo, Co-Founder and CEO of ART.kg & Vince Kadlubek, Co-Founder & former CEO of Meow Wolf, takes a galactic deep dive into the psychological and sociological components of what art & imagination are, where they are going, and how they push the limits on the subconscious factors of our human psyche. Art is more than just that of the imagination. It is something that is tightly woven into the fabric of our identity and our emotional being. It can form subconscious infrastructures that serve as the breeding ground for disruption, design, chaos, and order. Join us for a mind-bending discussion on art and all its forms.