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Wednesday, Oct 6
9:00am — 10:00am
Virtual Panel
136 attending

Actionable Allyship, Equity and Inclusion- An Inclusive Startup Ecosystem for Colorado

Colorado's tech startup ecosystem is so incredibly resilient that it has already recovered from the impacts of the pandemic. Tech Founders and their companies came together in support of one another to fortify the ecosystem and it worked for most. Colorado's ecosystem continues to grow with additional venture funding and more jobs for this sector of Colorado's economy. However, everyone hasn't had access to the same opportunities to thrive. Tech founders of color make up less than 5% of the state's founder population, yet make up more than 30% of Colorado’s overall population. The lack of support, resources and advising has long prevented tech founders of color to move beyond ideation. This session will bring together a cross section of Colorado's tech ecosystem. Representatives from a tech accelerator, venture, government, and the private sector will share their plans/vision for how we will work together to build an even better innovation ecosystem by making it more inclusive. You will learn how everyone has a role to play (including you), how to make impactful change, and how to make that change sustainable.

Angela Madura
Michael Bevis
Makisha Boothe
Alicia Herda
Zaneta Kelsey
Peter Adams
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