2021 Schedule

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Wednesday, Oct 6
12:00pm — 1:30pm
Virtual Workshop
103 attending

Courageously Building a Better EDI Legacy: A Deep Dive into Equity, Diversity and Inclusion without Blame, Shame and Guilt

Having a diverse team, board and staff is a step in the right direction. However, it is only a step. What can founders, leaders, and entrepreneurs actually do to grow beyond traditional Equity Diversity and Inclusion work? The New Collective goes beneath the surface and is rooted in deep respect for all - without elements of guilt, blame and shame. We believe in penetrating the heart and soul, more than just minds, in order for EDI to expand beyond a nice concept, afterthought or new trend. For owners not simply satisfied with checking a box, we have an invitation to go deeper. This is not the EDI work of yesterday. This is for those who want to create new legacies and who are not faint of heart.


  • Michanda Lindsey, Presence & Transformation Executive
  • Uma Gopaldass, Executive and Investor Counsel /Board Director
  • Chet Sisk, Futurist
Towani Clarke
Chet Sisk
Uma Gopaldass
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