2021 Schedule

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Wednesday, Oct 6
11:00am — 12:30pm
Virtual Panel
125 attending

Around the Block: Q&A with Blockchain Startup Founders

Join us for an in-depth discussion from the founders of 4 leading blockchain companies. The panel is a Q&A format that will discuss the nuances of starting a blockchain startup, from the very first days of putting an idea into action to scaling globally. We will discuss blockchain startup best practices, certain legal/regulatory items to keep in mind when starting your blockchain startup, and how startup requirements differ based on industry applications in the blockchain space.

Our awesome panelists include: Nancy Beaton, VP of Strategy & Blockchain @ Together Labs (owner of IMVU); Frank Ricotta, CEO & Founder @ BurstIQ; Cynthia Del’Aria, CEO & COO @ Raika Technologies; and Pamela Norton, CEO & Founder @ Borsetta. Each of these four panelists have decades of experience in both founding, growing, and exiting startups, as well as building blockchain-specific companies in various industries, from social media to healthcare to smart energy and supply chain logistics.

The moderators are Mike Henson, Partner @ Perkins Coie and Rod O’Dorisio, Associate @ Perkins Coie.

Roderick O'Dorisio
Pamela Norton
Cynthia Delaria
Frank Ricotta
nancy beaton
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