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Monday, Oct 4
3:00pm — 4:00pm
Virtual Individual Presentation
223 attending

Blockchains and Building Dapps with Solidity on Ethereum

You’ve heard about bitcoin and likely the blockchain. But what does it mean, why the hype? How do these blockchains differ from each other? For example, the Ethereum blockchain has been called the world's computer. How does Ethereum differ from Bitcoin? And as a programmer, don’t you want to know how to build on the world’s computer?

Join this talk for a high level overview of what blockchains exist, how they differ, and why they’re changing the world. Then we’ll dive into the specifics of programming for the Ethereum blockchain with a programming language called Solidity (which is similar to javascript).

The initial discussion will cover the differences between blockchains and how they have evolved from the initial whitepapers. The original bitcoin whitepaper was published in October, 2008 and has been called one of the 10 most important inventions of the past 30 years. It is a decentralized monetary system, a fully peer to peer network with no centralized third party.

Ethereum took that decentralized peer to peer network concept from Bitcoin and then added an ability to program on that network. This programming happens via a smart contract platform that developers can leverage to build decentralized applications (called dapps). With smart contracts, you can deploy code to the Ethereum blockchain (think of it as a hosting service). Then, anyone in the world can interact with that smart contract. Smart contracts are used to build many things, such as financial applications, NFTs, contracts between parties, really anything you can think of.

After this background we’ll dive into a real world programming example of an Ethereum smart contract. In this example we’ll program a digital coin in Solidity. We’ll also cover the overall basics of what is involved in building smart contracts. We’ll then discuss how smart contracts interact with standard web applications, such as those written in React, and of how all the components fit together.

We’ll end with a summary of the discussion and provide resources on how you can learn more about advancing your skills beyond the talk.

We hope to have you attend this discussion!

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