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Thursday, Oct 7
2:00pm — 3:00pm
Virtual Panel
138 attending

The Quantum Startup Space in Colorado

The second Quantum Revolution is upon us which will deliver technological improvements in computing power, sensing, and communications not incrementally better but hundreds or thousands of times better than what we have today. It sounds like science fiction but it is quickly becoming scientific here and now. Colorado is a global epicenter in Quantum talent and capabilities and this is reflected in the powerhouse startup scene here built around Quantum Technologies. Come and hear a panel of representatives from the Quantum startup ecosystem in Colorado explain what Quantum technologies are, discuss the current state of Quantum development, markets, and the prominent role that Colorado startups play on the world stage.

Panelists will include:
Dan Caruso, Managing Director of Caruso Ventures, Chairman of Endeavor Colorado, avid supporter of entrepreneurship and a 3x decacorn (Zayo, Level3 and MFS) entrepreneur. Dan is the former Executive Chairman of ColdQuanta, which is leading the change to commercialize ultra cold atom technology for Quantum Computing, an investor in Maybell Quantum Industries, and advisor to Chicago Quantum Exchange’s Duality Accelerator.

David Mitlyng, CEO of Xairos, which is commercializing Quantum Clock Synchronization, offering a time service more accurately and securely than GPS. Xairos is part of the 2021 TechStars Starburst Space Accelerator.

Corban Tillerman-Dick, CEO of Maybell Quantum Industries which will manufacture specialized hardware systems and components needed to support the Quantum supply chain. MQI recently opened its Colorado office and is hoping to set up manufacturing here.

Moderator: Tanya Ramond, MBA PhD. Product and Strategy Lead at Xairos. Tanya has a technical background in quantum technologies and now devotes her time to sleuthing out the right commercialization pathways for frontier technologies.

Dan Caruso
Corban Tillemann-Dick
David Mitlyng
Dan Caruso
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